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Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Live in a Giant Snow Ball

Just off the east end of Lake Ontario, Syracuse New York (the area we live and survive in) annually averages 121 inches of snow. The last few sadistic winters have been closer to 150 or 200.

The recent snows you may have heard about on the national news (we don't brag about much but snow) helped push us to almost 50 inches through December 10th of this year.

My son had 2 snow days off from school and the horses stayed warm inside their cozy stalls for 3 straight days. This of course make stall cleaning more challenging ... but at least we don't have to worry about our wimpy thoroughbreds freaking out because a couple of flakes hit their muzzles just wrong or the wind messed their manes up. A bunch of divas those thoroughbreds are ... always asking for limos, fruit trays and bottled imported room temperature water.

When it starts snowing and blowing, we can't get to our pastures the normal and easy way because we have an eight foot snow drift that drops right in the middle of the desired path. So, when the snow is not blowing sideways, for winter turnout we have to walk the long way around and normally take down some rails to get the horses in. Yesterday, I built a gate to eliminate the rail removal portion of the process. I talk more about our winter snow struggles in my February 2010 post "Equine Snow Angel":

When I went into our shed to get some gate materials, I scared the walnuts out of a squirrel who in turn scared the crap out of me. Apparently, he'd be nesting in the shed for the winter ... the whole thing led me to have an odd dream last night about a talking squirrel, with a trash mouth and anger issues.

Anyway ... we thankfully have a little warm up today. The saying in Syracuse is ... If you don't like the weather ... just wait a couple of hours. There's a big ice storm coming.


  1. Our mustangs are more of a "beer and Cheetos" kind of horse.

    Squirrel with a trash mouth and anger issues? Sounds like every squirrel I've run up against...


  2. My BIL lived in your area for a while, his snow stories were horrendous. I was already convinced I'd probably not do well there. Listening to your horsekeeping woes in that kind of snow pretty much cinches it for me.

    At least our snow doesn't stick around too long.

  3. You do get used to it (sort of)... but you do have to find ways to have fun in the snow. We ski, snowboard, skate and sled. We try to embrace it. It's not always easy with horses.

  4. I was born in Syracuse, and still have a good bit of family up there. My brother contracts out for snow plowing, and he tells me stories of his adventures in the snow.

    Hope you are not buried up to your walnuts, and that you and the squirrel can make peace!

  5. I'm starting to get concerned that we don't have any snow. Maybe it's because you've got it all.

    Stay warm up there.

  6. Thanks for all the support. The wind is starting to blow hard again tonight which means more lake effect snow is on the way. Twelve degrees now ... before the windchill.