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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Horse Movies Ever

On these wild, cold and snowy Syracuse nights (we had a 10 below windchill this morning), there's nothing better than hunkering in with a bowl of hot popcorn, a warm blanket and a GREAT movie. OK... the hunkering comes a little after we hammer on frozen water buckets for an hour. The list below clearly represents the best horse movies ever (in my humble and slightly frostbitten opinion). Of course, there is just the "smidgen" (not a word I use everyday) of a chance that you may disagree.

10) Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Awesome!)

9) Into the West (Most obscure movie on the list -- This is a movie you should see)

8) The Black Stallion (Great)

7) Hidalgo (What a story!)

6) Secretariat (Haven't seen it yet ... heard it was good... Yes... I'm cheating on this one)

5) Black Beauty (A classic)

4) Justin Morgan Had a Horse (On the Wonderful World of Disney when I was 7 ... it counts)

3) The Horse Whisperer (A chick flick with horses)

2) National Velvet (A classic)

1) Seabiscut (Great Movie... Great Book ... Great Horse)


  1. Haven't seen a couple of the movies on your list, but I mostly agree with it. I might move Black Stallion a little higher on the list, as well as Hidalgo. I think you're missing CLOUD (I think that's what it's called; about the white mustang stallion).

  2. Did you not like the movie based on Flicka? I haven't seen it but sure wanted too. Have seen most of these on your list. I love horse movies. They're about the only thing that will even get me into a movie theatre. LOL

  3. I actually haven't seen Flicka yet. That's with Dakota Fanning Right? Maybe I'll try to find that on Netflix tonight. Yes ... it's still pretty cold here...another good night for a movie My wife thought I was crazy for not putting Black Beauty on the top of the list.

  4. I forgot Flicka. That's a feel-good movie. Well called RR.

  5. Sad to say I haven't seen some of these. The rest make me cry every time.

  6. the one with dakota fanning is called dreamer.
    no phar lap?