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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ode (or Odor) to Stall Cleaning

There's no way around it.
The poop just keeps coming.
You clean stalls every day.
While horses clean their plumbing.

No shavings aren't that cheap
You shake and toss and sift
Your backs about to break
What the heck was that I sniffed.

This ain't no perfume factory
The urine reeks and ranks
What did that horse drink
A thousand water tanks?

It's like any of life's struggles
Where should I begin
This stalls a wicked mess
There's no way I'll ever win

But persistence wins the day
Each poop I find and pick
The stall is finally clean
And I avoided getting sick

Tomorrow starts anew
The crap will drop and roll
I plead to my horse Friends
Just use a Toilet Bowl


  1. Pure poetry! Though, maybe "Odor" rather than "Ode"... ;)

  2. i'm definitely sharing this with my husband who will be cleaning our horse's stall for the next 9 days when i'm in america. he has not done this before.

    oh dear.

    ~lytha in germany

  3. He will have a new appreciation for everything you do.