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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Fence Eating Snow Drift

No, we didn't get today's coastal snow storm that dumped another foot or so onto New York City, about five hours away. "Near Miss" was how they described it on the local news like we'd avoided a mammoth iceberg headed for our unsinkable ship.

Don't you worry about us "snow deprived" folks in Central New York though. To-date we've now been blessed with 110 inches of snow this season.

The photo to the left was taken of our hungry fence eating snow drift. Don't get too close or you'll be buried up to your neck before you can say, "Hey, isn't that a fence eating snow dri..."

Yes, the Central New York sky continues dropping snow as fast as the little snow angels can make it. If it falters for a day or two, the sky is quick to reply, "Don't worry, I'll make more." My son has had six snow days so far (no, he's not complaining) and we still have February, March and probably some April snow days to come.

While it may sound like I'm whining slightly about the snow, I should mention that it's actually been incredibly beautiful -- "a winter wonderland" is how we describe it. And ... the snowboarding on the slopes has been heavenly with day after day of amazing powder.

Of course, back on the whining front ... earlier in the week my son's school was delayed two hours and the horses were in all day becomes of -13 degree temperatures, before the hint of wind chill. Needless to say that water buckets were frozen.

However, it's hard to complain around here as somebody always has it worse. I guess a few hours North of here in Saranac Lake New York they had -39 degrees that morning. I'll keep my frost-bit whining to myself.


  1. Actually, whining is allowed at -13. When it hits -39, and you don't move somewhere else, you can't whine... but you should go in for a CAT-scan and see what happened to your brain. Man, that's COLD!


  2. My BIL lived in New York for a few years. The stories he tells of snow makes me appreciate the rain here and that's saying a lot. I'd be whining too if I had to deal with that every single day. Too cold for this woman.

  3. That is QUITE a snow drift. Wow.

  4. Eeeek, I don't miss that! Whine all you want. When I leased at horse in MA I couldn't handle the winter and totally became a fair weather rider, you've got guts!

  5. I remember frozen buckets of water with our central PA winters. I no longer have horses (and miss them terribly), but I write about them in my Keystone Stable books. Marsha Hubler, horse facts lover.

  6. Oops, (website)
    If you'd like to be featured on my blog, email me at my website. I like to feature horse lovers of all kinds. I'd like a photo of you and/or your horse and about 2 paragraphs of how you "connect" with horses, where you live, age, etc.

  7. Thanks for the pass on the frost bit whining.

  8. I tagged you in my blog...come on over to play.

  9. I'd say heated buckets is the best $30. I ever spent ( and still the best, even with our recent mishap due to carelessness.