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Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas -- Horse Edition

Twas the night before Christmas
And I believed all through the stable
Not a creature was stirring
As we watched football on cable

When who should it be that knocked on our door
But Bobbie the pony plus horses times four

They looked peaceful and coy
We did puzzle and gawk
Bobbie opened his muzzle
And then tried to talk

The pony cleared his throat
Then started to speak
"You've cleaned all the stalls
While they stunk and did wreak

You've brushed and bathed us
You've fed us fine hay
For all of that kindness
We give you gifts on this day

Of course I think of cash
My bride hopes chaps
Bobbie stomps his hoof down
And we're back from our lapse

"For you kind lady
We give you our trust
We know you've been there
When we've danced and we've fussed

And we give you our hearts
With our long lasting love
With us you have friends
Cause you're a gift from above"

"And for you Mr. Sir
We have what you need
Yes, I'm still thinking money
to fulfill my long greed

Bobbie snorted and mused
As if he knew all my thinking
He spoke once again
With his big left eye winking

"This prize is well suited
Your gift is a kick
You expected fruit cake?
I ain't no Saint Nick

Yes you check all our water
But you gripe and you grumble
Yes you give us some treats
But you swear while you mumble

Your gift is the choice
If it was you or the horse
It's not even close
She'd pick us, Yes of course

So your gift is that choice
It's quite simple and sweet
You can stop all the grumble
or be out on the street

I looked at my wife
She looked at her shoes
She started to giggle
I followed the clues

As I behaved from that day
The pony never again spoke
Except for this phrase
That I knew was no joke

"From Bobbie and All"
For this he did cite
"Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night

I apologize to Mr. Clement Moore

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