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Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Horse

10) You didn't need your toes anyway.
9) Cash ... It's just plain over-rated
8) They just don't make poop, like horse poop ... just ask my dog.
7) Horse chiropractors, horse psychics and horse dentists ... jobs to cool to be real.
6) Flies ... need I say more.
5) The stress keeps me lean and agile.
4) I love those rewards points from my Vet, Farrier and hay deliver guy.
3) Cool equi-vocab words are killer at parties... oxer, martingale, two-stride, in and out, hock.
2) Horse Snot ... life just doesn't getter better. Yes ... Living the Dream
1) Dover Catalogs are so much better than Victoria Secret

Perhaps you have some other suggestions for the list... send me a quick comment let me know your thoughts.

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