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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bumper Sticker

Here's a bumper sticker I saw today ...
"Driver carries no cash. All is spent on the Horse."

It is amazing how much money people spend on horses. It's not unusual to drive along country upstate roads and see quarter horses and Shetlands in tiny pastures next to microscopic houses.

Mundane looking people, who'd you think sane if you saw them walking down the street, will give up nice homes, nice cars, nice clothes and vacations for a Thorough Bred or two. They'll take millions of flies, mountains of horse poop, crushed toes and a pay check to pay check lifestyle for that Standard Bred. They'll eat corn flakes and tomato soup for weeks on end ... to save money for that new sheet for the Morgan Horse. People will not buy themselvs new shoes for decades, so the Arab Horse can get them every six weeks.

Horses must be pretty amazing creatures, huh?

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