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Friday, November 25, 2011

Be Back Soon for the Winter

Winter is almost here. In fact, they received 18 inches of snow South and East of here a few days before Halloween. My brother, who lives 3 hours southeast of here, a bit closer to New York City, was without power for a week. He and his family moved in with friends until the power came back. You know you live in upstate New York when the kids have snowsuits under their Halloween costumes.

So much has happened since we last spoke... can't wait to tell you all about it.
"Bobbie No Socks The Life of Horse Ownership" will be back soon for the long winter.


  1. We were without power for a day and a half earlier this month. I'd be pretty cranky after a week. REALLY cranky.


  2. Stay warm! Looking forward to hearing news from your area ;)

  3. Bill's right - he'd be really cranky, even with his fancy new generator.

    Glad you're back, I missed you!